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Safety – Priority Goal in Long Term Care

The main reason that a lot of people these days invest in long term care insurance is to ensure that they will be protected and secured when old age comes. This is also true when young people get long term care for their elderly parents or grandparents. They want to make sure that they are safe and protected especially if they are in their advanced age. There is news that we hear or read about how some old people suffer from accidents due to their sickness or weakness. That is why it is very important to give them long term care so that these kinds of things will not happen.

There are six broad goals that should be addressed when it comes to long term care. These are necessary so that long term care patients will be given the best care and be protected from any accidents.

Accuracy of Identification

One of the things that one should look into when taking care of a long term care patient is proper and accurate identification. This should be done at the beginning before the elderly patient is admitted to a medical care facility. This is important to establish correct information especially the different needs and medical condition of the elderly patient.

Proper Dispensing of Medication

Taking medication is one of the required services of a long term care facility. This is done through the schedule given by the physician. We have heard about some news that medication was not properly dispensed and therefore the patient suffers because of the oversight. So it is very vital to make sure that schedules of dispensing medicine is strictly followed as checking on the correct dosage being given to the patient.

Observing Proper Hygiene

Most long term care patients are prone to infections due to their weakened immune system. It is another safety precaution that should be strictly adhered to. Observing proper hygiene by the staff should be strictly monitored and if there are elderly patients who may be suffering from coughs and colds, immediate attention should be given to avoid the spread of the virus.

Safety Precautions to Avoid Falls

One of the common accidents that happen in a long term care facility is the fall of patients. There should be extra precaution to be taken to avoid this kind of incidents. The staff should be aware on the proper handling of patients especially those who are not as mobile as the others. There should also be people who could monitor patients that will leave their bed or go to the bathroom because these are the critical places where falls can happen.

Safety is a very important factor in taking care of our elderly patients. Most loved ones trust the long term care facility because they know that their elderly parents or grandparents are cared for properly. So, it is very important that the caregivers or the staff of the long term facility should be properly trained in terms of safety precautions.  After all making the patients safe is the number one goal.

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