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Introduction to Long Term Care Facilities

If you are covered by long term care insurance, you can receive health services, social services, and other benefits in your senior years. Aside from providing payments, this insurance also supports your accommodation in a long term care facility.


You have the initial option to receive care from paid caregivers and nurses within your home. You can be in proximity with your family members and neighbors. After all, it is your own home. You may not want to leave its comfort and familiarity. Caregivers visit you to help with eating, dressing, bathing, and other essential activities. Nurses, on the other hand, focus on administering medication and health check-ups.


However, you may have serious medical complications and your home cannot provide the necessary setting for your treatment. The appropriate long term care facility for this situation is a nursing home.


Skilled care nursing homes are required for life-threatening ailments that require constant supervision from doctors and other medical staff. Aside from medication, these facilities also have life support systems and emergency services. If you are quite healthy, prefer assistance with daily activities, and need less medical attention then you are recommended to stay in intermediate care nursing homes.


If you want to move away from home yet desire its comforts, you can live in assisted living facilities. These facilities offer apartments or similar residential spaces for dozens of senior citizens who live together. In assisted living facilities, you can receive caregiver assistance and other benefits such as security services, laundry, home maintenance, and even recreational activities.


You may be a senior in good health condition and decide to live on your own. In this case you may choose to live in continuing care retirement communities. These communities can accommodate over one hundred healthy seniors. You can live there in a home-like setting with relative comfort. In addition, you can socialize with fellow seniors and enjoy interactive activities.


Adult day health care centers also offer long term care benefits and services to large groups of senior citizens. The exception is that you do not live in them. During weekdays from sunrise to sunset, you can go there and get caregiver help. Aside from that, you can also get involved in recreation and even attend classes made for seniors. During the night and on weekends, you stay in your home.


If you face a terminal illness, hospice care facilities offer intensive medical support and other benefits so you can prepare for the worst. In case you go through cognitive impairment, you can ask assistance and therapy in Alzheimer’s facilities.


The first step in selecting a long term care facility is to pick the type that provides your specific long term care needs. You may have to assess your health condition and preferred style of living.


After that, you can call or e-mail the managers or staff of facilities you are interested with. It is even better if you visit the place personally. You can examine the living spaces and residents, and check if facilities are comfortable and if seniors and long term care staff are easy to socialize with. You may also want to check reports and licenses of long term care facilities among your choices.

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