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Finding the Best Long Term Care Setting for You

Long term care planning can be stressful and overwhelming for anyone who tries to go about it alone. Luckily, companies and organizations,  provide materials, resources, and a step-by-step assistance in crafting the most fitting long term care plan for every individual’s needs. By 2030, studies show that 73 million Americans will over the age of […]

Is Medicaid Overused in Wisconsin Long Term Care?

Since the government’s instruction of restructuring Medicaid eligibility was imposed in Wisconsin, every uninsured Wisconsinite should have secured a Wisconsin long term care insurance policy immediately as he won’t be able to experience Medicaid’s past generosity anymore.   Twenty years from now the cost of care is expected to increase fourfold while the population of […]

Components of Long Term Care Insurance Policy

The same with any other insurance products out there, long term care policies is discouraging and downright confusing. There are a lot of variables to take into account in when purchasing this kind of insurance policy. But when you are planning on getting one, here are some of the components of a long term care […]

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