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Caregiving: Senior Care and the Technological Age

Senior care presents many challenges not just for the caregiver but the care recipient as well. This is why both the caregiver and care recipient are encouraged to find coverage as early as they can. Long term care ins provides invaluable relief to both parties in caregiving; they just need to understand how it works […]

Long-Distance Caregiver: Caring from Miles Away

  Long-distance caregiving is becoming more common among families. In fact, 5-7 million caregivers in the United States are providing long-distance care. According to the National Center on Caregiving, this number is expected to double by 2020. Thanks to the ease that technology brings, an adult child acting as the caregiver can regularly check-in on […]

The Full Value of Long Term Care Insurance

Planning for future long term care needs is not something that is common for many families today. Sadly, many of these families end up facing disabilities or illnesses, which cause a severe strain on their quality of life. While we are generally strong in handling the emotional repercussions, the blow to our finances is something […]

Finding the Best Long Term Care Setting for You

Long term care planning can be stressful and overwhelming for anyone who tries to go about it alone. Luckily, companies and organizations,  provide materials, resources, and a step-by-step assistance in crafting the most fitting long term care plan for every individual’s needs. By 2030, studies show that 73 million Americans will over the age of […]

The Other Side of the Coin: Male Caregivers and Long Term Care

Primary caregivers are more often family members caring for their sick loved ones. They assist their family in completing mundane tasks, such as bathing, eating, getting dressed, taking medicine, cleaning, doing the laundry, when they are unable to do so themselves. Ill, injured, or disabled, we often look to family members to assist us in […]

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