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Important Details to Remember When Getting Information on Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is an important factor to consider when planning for your future. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, most individuals from the ages of 65 years and above will need this type of care during the twilight years. As such, you would need to make sure certain […]

The Full Value of Long Term Care Insurance

Planning for future long term care needs is not something that is common for many families today. Sadly, many of these families end up facing disabilities or illnesses, which cause a severe strain on their quality of life. While we are generally strong in handling the emotional repercussions, the blow to our finances is something […]

Quick Tips for the Up and Coming Long Term Care Insurance Agent

The long term care insurance industry is a quaint and highly-specialized world. With financial specialists and brokers everywhere, especially ones who have ten years worth of experience under their belts, it can be difficult to break through as a new long term care insurance agent. However, it is not as impossible as it may seem. […]

What is long term care insurance? – Common facts you need to know

For those who are not familiar with LTC policies and the benefits that policy owners get from them may not understand why despite the expensive prices and rates that its monthly premiums have, some people are still willing to pay for it and the government is even encouraging more citizens to avail one for themselves. […]

Basic Maryland long term care insurance information you need to know

The present economic crisis that we are still dealing with right now does not seem to affect the impact of long term care insurance policy acquisition across the country. In fact, there are over 10 million Americans who are now insured and own an LTC policy.   Although there is no abrupt increase on the […]

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