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What Makes Up a Long Term Care Plan?

It is not easy to sustain an LTC policy especially now that the economy is still unstable and unpredictable. This is why it is important for every individual that has intentions of buying LTC policies to have a long term care plan. This will help them sort out and determine the possible services and the […]

The Other Side of the Coin: Male Caregivers and Long Term Care

Primary caregivers are more often family members caring for their sick loved ones. They assist their family in completing mundane tasks, such as bathing, eating, getting dressed, taking medicine, cleaning, doing the laundry, when they are unable to do so themselves. Ill, injured, or disabled, we often look to family members to assist us in […]

Alzheimer’s Disease: Battling the Stigma

Finding out that you have Alzheimer’s disease is never easy. The thought of the disease slowly altering your life is a terrifying one, and what makes the matter even more difficult to accept is how the people around you will start treating you. Alzheimer’s disease is a serious condition that requires a lot of attention […]

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