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Quick Tips for the Up and Coming Long Term Care Insurance Agent

The long term care insurance industry is a quaint and highly-specialized world. With financial specialists and brokers everywhere, especially ones who have ten years worth of experience under their belts, it can be difficult to break through as a new long term care insurance agent. However, it is not as impossible as it may seem. […]

3 Diseases that Need Long Term Care

People buy long term care insurance for a number of reasons—lower premiums when they are younger, coverage for possible illnesses, or to prevent your family from carrying the financial burden of medical bills. But at the end of the day, people shell out money for one reason: to be prepared.   Long term insurance carriers […]

What Affects the Cost of Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance is not a one-size-fits all product. In fact, you have a say as to how comprehensive your policy will be. The benefits and features you chose to include in your plan determine your premiums. One thing that gets most people skeptical about buying a policy is the chances that long term […]

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