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Maryland’s Increased Demand for Long Term Care

As Maryland’s elderly population increases rapidly the speedy escalation of chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes and hypertension alerts the government to the great demand for Maryland long term care.   Statistics show that a bigger percentage of Maryland’s population receiving long term care relies on Medicaid.  The federal health insurance program’s budget, however, was […]

Is Medicaid Overused in Wisconsin Long Term Care?

Since the government’s instruction of restructuring Medicaid eligibility was imposed in Wisconsin, every uninsured Wisconsinite should have secured a Wisconsin long term care insurance policy immediately as he won’t be able to experience Medicaid’s past generosity anymore.   Twenty years from now the cost of care is expected to increase fourfold while the population of […]

Where can I get senior caregiver support?

  In an effort to help the 65.7 million family caregivers that serve as America’s primary provider of long term care services, several groups have launched initiatives that aims to lessen the burden of caregivers by providing senior caregiver support. Among these initiatives are forming support and counseling groups, groups that provide respite care for […]

Long Term Care: For the Old or For All?

Even though the cost of care continues to rise, many people can still afford to ask who should buy long term care insurance.  Common sense will dictate the answer – Everybody.   Centering so much on the annual premiums naturally makes an average American family think that long term care insurance (LTCI) is only intended […]

Reliable Sources of Long Term Care Information

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, at least 70% of Americans aged 65 and above will develop a condition that would require long term care. Since there is a high probability that we will be among those people who will eventually need it, it is highly advised that we all prepare […]

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