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Basic Maryland long term care insurance information you need to know

The present economic crisis that we are still dealing with right now does not seem to affect the impact of long term care insurance policy acquisition across the country. In fact, there are over 10 million Americans who are now insured and own an LTC policy.   Although there is no abrupt increase on the […]

Senior Long Term Care Basics

  What is long term care?   Long term care involves a variety of services that help people maintain the best level of functioning in a time when they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Unlike medical care which focuses on prevention and treatment, long term care services are centered on the performance of […]

Getting Through the Complexities of Health Care with Nurse Navigator

More and more Americans are facing difficulties with their health care as the number of unemployed continues to increase and therefore lose their health insurance coverage previously provided by their employers.  While there are other options to replace insurance, their costs are still staggering that is why only a few people can afford and avail […]

Get a Quote on Long Term Care Now

The demand for long term care insurance (LTCI) plans continues to soar. More and more Americans are showing interest and would like to get a quote on long term care policies.  Since premium rates for LTC plans can become costly, people depend on a quote to see if they are even able to afford their […]

Show Them You Care

You owe it to your parents to tell them about the benefits of having an elder care specialist and why it should not threaten their independence.   They were there to cradle you when the world seemed a menace to you.  As you took your first steps they were also there to guide you along […]

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